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Swedish MassgaeSwedish Massage

Our relaxation massage gives you the time to reconnect with yourself. Increases blood circulation, promotes relaxation, improves flexibility, stimulates nervous system and skin, very soothing. Light to Medium Pressure.
30 min. - $35, 60 min. - $45, 90 min. - $65, 120 min. - $85

Deep Tissue

Deep TissueDeep slow penetrating strokes gently work out knots and tension, stimulating the deeper layers of muscles that have stored up stress. Focus on painful, sore, stiff and/or tense areas. Firm to Deep Pressure.
30 min. - $45, 60 min. - $55, 90 min. - $75, 120 min. - $100


Your therapist can assist you in deciding which combination is the best for your needs. Our basic Swedish massage combined with Deep Tissue, Sports or Reflexology massage.
30 min. - $45, 60 min. - $55, 90 min. - $75, 120 min. - $100

SportsSports Massage

Designed for athletes and specific needs related to their sport. The combination of deep muscle work with stretching will not only reduce the lactic acid and toxin build-up in your body, but more importantly prevent future injuries. Improves blood circulation for faster muscle recuperation, both before and after events.
30 min. - $45, 60 min. - $55, 90 min. - $75, 120 min. - $100


Has been called "Map of the Body" because it stimulates corresponding and connecting areas through hands, feet and ears. With Swedish massage, this is the perfect combination for a full body massage.
30 min. - $45, 60 min. - $55, 90 min. - $75, 120 min. - $100


Relax the Body, Mind & Spirit with essenials oils. Balances energy, moods and physiology through inhalation and application to the skin. May be combined with Deep Tissue, Reflexology or Sports massage for an additional $10.
30 min. - $50, 60 min. - $60, 90 min. - $80, 120 min. - $105


Customized, gentle massage. Reduces muscle and joint pain, stress, swelling and aches. Not performed during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.
30 min. $50, 60 min. - $65, 90 min. - $85, 120 min. - $119

Hot StoneHot Stone

Experience total relaxation through heat-penetrating basalt stones. Hot stones are used to massage tense, sore and stiff muscles. One of a kind treatment for stressful areas.
60 min. - $79, 90 min. - $99, 120 min. - $119


Every facial begins with personalzed skin analysis and consultation to assist in balancing and controlling existing skin conditions and provide a relaxing treatment custom-designed for your specific skin care needs.

Express Facial Treatment

Enjoy a skin cleanse, exfoliation and hydration. Your complexion will emerge nourished, refreshed and clean.
30 min. - $29

Teenager Treatment

Perfect for teenagers or clients experiencing teen-like acne. This treatment helps to balance skin, reduce oil secretions and hydrate without drying the skin.
60 min. - $49, Series of 5 - $220

Acne Cleansing Treatment

Intensive treatment to control inflamed acne conditions. Deep cleans, controls and balances oils, and clears up breakouts. Corrective and protecive homecare recommended for best results.
60 min. - $49, Series of 5 - $220

European Facial

Our classic facial relaxes and maintains your skin. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions and light massage with soothing customized mask, followed by refreshing toner and hydrating moisturizer.
60 min. - $49, Series of 5 - $220

European Facial with Microdermabrasion

Micro-Dermabrasion skin resurfacing treatment is safe, non-surgical, non-invasive, deep exfoliation treatment. Acne scars, age spots and fine lines are less obvious; skin is softer, smoother and younger looking. Extremely effective on all skin types.
60 min. - $59, 90 min. - $75, Series of 5 - $270/$320

Anti-Aging Treatment

Reconditioning and firming treatment. The ultimate therapy for dry, prematurely aging and enironmentally damaged skin types. Skin will be healthier, smoother and firmer. For optimum results, a series of 5 treatments is recommended.
60 min. - $59, Series of 5 - $270

Men's Executive Facial

This treatment is for the specific needs of men's skin. Aids in the reduction of: ingrown hairs, skin irritation, and acne. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and customized mask. Nourishing and blancing to your skin.
60 min. - $49, Series of 5 - $220



Specialized in professional waxing techniques that help to make your waxing experience as easy and relaxing as possible. A warm resin is used as a depilitory to remove excess and/or unwanted hair. You may see a reduction of hair growth with your first treatment. Waxing is wonderful and leaves the skin smooth for days! Note: Waxing is not available to anyone using Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene or Accutane.
All waxing comes with a complimentary soothing treatment.

Eyebrow Shaping (First visit)
Eyebrow Wax Starts at
Lip and Chin
Full Face
Under Arm
$10 and up
$40 and up
Half Arm
Full Arm
$25 and up
Bikini Regular
Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Full Legs
Upper Legs w/ Regular Bikini
Full Legs w/ Regular Bikini
Full Legs w/ Brazilian